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Ein Nationaler Qualifikationsrahmen (NQR) für Österreich

Das NQR-Bundesgesetz wurde Anfang 2016 erlassen… Da Bundesgesetz über den Nationalen Qualifikationsrahmen (NQR) trat nach mehrjähriger Vorbereitungszeit am 15.3.2016 in Kraft. Der österreichische NQR entspricht dem Europäischen Qualifikationsrahmen (EQR – Auf englisch ist die...


Development of VNIL procedures in the EU

The European Inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning (2014) stated following conclusion: „It is also possible to identify continuing challenges for European validation systems. On the ground, progress has often been slower than...

UNESCO APEID Conference 2016 0

Abstract Accepted @UNESCO-APEID Conference

„The Implementation of Inclusive, Equity, and Quality Education through Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Collaboration: A Case Study of the Valeru Project“ was accepted at 18th UNESCO-APEID International Conference (http://www.apeidconf.org/) Helmy Syakh Alam and I submitted the abstract and want...


Council Recommendation on Validation of NIL

In 2012 The Council of the European Union issued recommendations regarding the validation of the validation of non-formal and informal learning (NIL). http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2012:398:0001:0005:EN:PDF    


Abstract Accepted @PUARL

I submitted the abstract „A pattern language for tacit knowledge. Supporting LLL through pattern mining“ for the PUARL Conference 2016 and I am happy to announce that it was accepted! Information about the conference The...


CEDEFOP’s 2016 skills forecast

Why we need to promote the validation/accreditation of prior learning… Cedefop’s 2016 skills forecast for the EU states the following: „As the labour market of the future will offer fewer opportunities to those with low-level...