About me

My name is Isabell Grundschober and I work as a researcher at Danube University since February 2015. I graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, my branch of study was National Economy & Socioeconomics, with a focus on media&communication and social policy. After finishing my bachelor study there, I started my studies at a teacher college, the University College of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (KPH), with a focus on K12 pupils and eLearning, which I successfully finished in spring 2017. In Autumn 2016 I started my master studies in Applied Knowledge Management at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (FH Burgenland).

My main topics in research:

Educational technology – LLL – recognition of prior learning – tacit knowledge – pattern languages

Research projects:



VINCE – Validation for the Inclusion of New Citizens of Europe

VINCE is an Erasmus+ project, coordinated by EUCEN, dedicated to support the access to higher education for refugees and migrants. I conducted interviews in order to create case studies in Austria, together with my colleagues we are currently developing and elaborating the VINCE platform and I will hold a training for Austrian HE staff about validation and refugees‘ need on November 22nd at Danube University Krems. Check out what VINCE is all about in my following Blogposts:

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ApprEnt Partner Dinner nach einem langen Meeting-Tag

ApprEnt Partner Kick-Off Dinner after a long meeting-day.

ApprEnt – Refining Higher Education Apprenticeships with Enterprises in Europe

ApprEnt is an Erasmus+ project, coordinated by EUCEN, with the aim to support higher education apprenticeships/ dual study programs in Austria and in Europe in general. I am working together with Robert Frasch in this regard. I conducted interviews to create case studies in Austria and will conduct a peer learning event with Austrian companies in April 2018. Furthermore, in autumn 2018 Robert Frasch and I will conduct a training session for staff responsible for apprentices in enterprises as well as Higher Education staff, who want to start dual study programs. Bringing them together and learning together has a great potential in further cultivating dual study programs in Austria. Read more about ApprEnt in my following blogpost:



VALERU aims to establish mechanisms and human resources for the validation of non-formal/informal learning (NIL) in Russian Higher Education in order to ensure sustainable development of Russian Higher Education (HE). Together with Prof. Peter Baumgartner I coordinated the VALERU project.



MITMUT, which was developed in the frame of an Austrian research project, addresses this issue before the first career decision is made aMITMUTPNMZwettlnd aims at girls under the age of 14 years. MIT-MUT supports girls in developing two key competences defined by the EU for lifelong learning (2006/962/EG) – computer skills and entrepreneurial skills. We developed and implemented a Social Enterprise Network for the students.



ATS2020 provides a comprehensive learning model for the enhancement of student indispensable transversal skills within curricula and offers new approaches and innovative tools to teacher for the development and assessment of these skills.